Ber months cool colors!

Ber months cool colors!

The Ber Months are already here! Spruce up your home decorations with cool colors because it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Taking a break from the tropical season, the Ber months are the perfect season getaway to cool off from all those hot days. Prepare for the coming months with cool colored home decorations. These colors not only make your house perfect for the cold season, but they also give off a very relaxed and calm vibe to complement the cool weather of the Ber months. Start counting down to Christmas with these wonderful colors


Here are some cool colors for the Ber months


  1. Charisma

Charisma is a color that brings out confidence in your house. It’s the perfect combination if you want to add a cool and regal tone to your home’s decorations. If you want to feel confident and pumped up for the Ber months, then Charisma is the color for you.


  1. Skyline

As the name implies, Skyline is the color of the cool and calm atmosphere. You can play around with Skyline with darker colors like Bergamot or Wrought Iron to add a mix of Christmas vibes in your household. But standalone, Skyline is a great color addition for anyone looking to have a cool atmosphere in their home.


  1. Terra Cotta
    Terra Cotta

This color is a perfect tone if you want to add a feminine and minimalist approach in your household decoration. Terra Cotta is a very calm color in itself. Even without the help of other combinations, it can still pull off a wonderful tone in your home.


  1. Aqua Green
    Aqua Green

Aqua Green is actually a very light color. Unlike dark green colors, Aqua Green leans on the lighter tones, giving it a very cool and calm look. You can combine it with Yellow themed colors like Maize or Eggyolk.



  1. Bramble Purple
    Bramble Purple

Bramble Purple is a very cool color yet gives off a regal vibe. It’s a purple color that is very minimal and light, giving it the advantage of flexibility when it comes to color combinations. You can play around with this light color by adding darker tones or you can mix it up with other light colors. Try mixing it up with dark colors like Cardboard and light colors like Light Goldenrod

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