5 Green Color Schemes for the Home

5 Green Color Schemes for the Home

Take a second to look outside the nearest window. See those trees? That steady patch of grass? Don’t you feel relaxed and refreshed by just looking at them? That’s what green does: it lends a calming and soothing vibe to your living spaces. It makes you feel comfortable and safe, and invites you to get lost in thought and imagination.

And hey! Here are 5 sample green color schemes you might want to try for your home.


A green color combo for the fantasy-lover or the vivid dreamer, mint green and pink is a color scheme for a room where creativity and inspiration is often needed. With the right pieces of furniture and a balanced visual weight, this color combination may just give you elegance and a touch of dainty.

Rooms to try this color scheme on: study, home office, bedroom, nursery


Whether teal is mostly blue or green, what matters is that there is green and it’s a shade of green that pairs well with copper. Copper adds to the safe feeling that green gives off. At the same time, it signifies strength and security with class.

Rooms to try this color scheme on: game room, living room (specifically area that shows off the family’s achievements, family gallery


Citrus-y and bright that’s just perfect for the morning person! Yellow is the color of confidence, intelligence and positivity, and green amplifies that, as a default complementary color for the bright hue.

Rooms to try this color scheme on: kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom


Orange is a conversation-starter. Paired with green and set on a white background, this color scheme is great for spaces where interactions are held.

Rooms to try this color scheme on: living room, dining room


Green as the backdrop to a powerful color such as purple creates drama and instantly sparks interest. Clearly, this color combo is for rooms you want to impress guests with.

Rooms to try this color scheme on: family gallery, bathroom, receiving area

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