5 Independent Paint Colors You Can Enjoy

5 Independent Paint Colors You Can Enjoy

There are paint colors you can use for your home that are great even without the help of other color tones. These paint colors are independent on their own, relying on their own vibe to create a visually appealing design. With these colors, you don’t have to worry about adding more hues and tones. You just have to determine what colors are suitable in your household. It’s important note, however, that you can still subtly add extra color tones depending on your preference.

Here are Independent Colors you can enjoy


  1. Fame Orange
    fame orange

    Fame Orange is a really great color on its own. It’s a great balance between pink and orange. On its own it adds a regal and youthful glow to your house and furniture. The best place for this color is in one’s living room or bedroom because of its personal vibe.


  1. Celeste

    Celeste is an independent color because its blue tone can take up a lot of visually appealing space. As a color, it leans more on light blue which is why it represents a cool and breezy sky. Also, this color can definitely relax the soul because of its sea or sky representation.

Living Room

  1. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin is a very raw and rustic color that can stand on its own. You can add subtle colors like Princeton Orange or Persimmon to add variety. Pumpkin is great at kitchens because it really represents the color of food and wood in which both are great kitchen designs.


  1. Thunderhead

    As a dark color, Thunderhead is a powerful color when it comes to clean spaces. If you want to have a solo color on a concrete designed home, then Thunderhead is the way to go. You can mix it up with colors like Yogurt or Wader to add depth and variety.


  1. Firebrick
    Firebrick is a strong color that can is bold and endearing at the same time. This color can be used to set a romantic tone to your household. Also, because of the richness of the red color, it adds a very confident and regal feeling around the home. Try to add this color to the master’s bedroom or the living room.

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