6 Tips for Choosing the Right Tiles

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Tiles

With all the variety of colors, the different sizes, designs and everything that constitute a tile, it can be pretty overwhelming to decide on which tile style you should choose for your bathroom floor or kitchen. So to help you trim down these issues and find the right tile for your specific needs, here are our top five tile tips:

The pros of light-colored tiles

If the room you’re planning to install tiles on is small or dark, then tiles with the right colors are the way to go! Light colors can make a small or dark room feel bigger and brighter.

Check if the tile you have your eyes on is suitable for the area

Floor tiles have different wear ratings. So make sure that the tile you use has the accurate wear rating for your intended use. For instance, ceramic tiles are not suitable for floors that have heavy foot traffic. For outdoors and domestic floors, use porcelain tiles are they are stronger than ceramics.

Add character with border tiles

One sure way to add character and interest to an otherwise boring wall tiling is installing decorative border tiles. Just make sure that it goes with the entirety of your project!

Always ask for advice from people with the know-how

If you’re friends with someone whom you know is knowledgeable about tiles, do not be afraid to ask for some advice or better yet, as you’re choosing which tiles to use, approach sales assistants as they have been trained to answer all your questions.

Be mindful of grout line colors

Tile grouts are as important as your tiles. If you get tile grout with the wrong color then the tiles won’t blend together. So remember purchasing tile grout that closely matches your tiles.

Create a fool-proof plan for your tiling project

Plan ahead for your tiling project to make sure all goes well. One important tip is to buy an extra five to ten percent more tiles than you need. This will make up for the accidental cuts and breakages. This will ensure that you have spare tiles to use that are of the exact same color, shade, and design.

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