A Guide to Painting Tools

A Guide to Painting Tools

Are you excited to give your room a new look? Before you start on your project, make sure you have the right tools first. The first step to any DIY project is gathering all the tools you may need. So for your painting project, you’ll need the right brushes, rollers, and other supplies for specific tasks. This helps save you time, not to mention the frustration. But how do you know what tool to use with what? Here’s a helpful guide that shows you what tools you need for the job:


These are your go-to tools. Paintbrushes either have natural bristles or synthetic bristles, which are both good to use. They come in different types and sizes, and can get to hard-to-reach spots that rollers can’t cover. Your basic brushes include:

  • Wall – A 3 to 4 inch brush that spreads the most paint over the most surface.
  • Trim – A 2-inch wide brush that’s used for painting around the corners of doors, windows and such before you go over them with a roller.
  • Sash – This is an angled brush that helps you do close work around corners, like when you’re painting around doors and windows.

Paint Rollers

Paint rollers help you paint large, flat surfaces a lot faster than if you were to use a paintbrush. They come in different widths, usually around 7-9 inches for interior jobs, and 4-18 inches for exterior jobs. For ceiling jobs, there are paint rollers that are made to accept an extension to help you reach high places.

Airless Sprayers

An airless sprayer is more for small painting jobs around the house. It uses a small electric pump motor that pushes the paint through a small hole to make it into a fine spray. The shape, of course, can be adjusted depending on the job.

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