Bachelor’s Pad Decorating Ideas

Bachelor’s Pad Decorating Ideas

If you think that coming up with a bachelor style is all about creating the typical bachelor’s pad, sorry but you’re wrong. The thought and style that you put into your apartment should be equivalent to the way you care for yourself.

Here we explore the possibilities of making your space not only masculine but more importantly, liveable, and extremely stylish. Here are some ideas you can apply when you’re ready to move forward from your messy college days:

Keep away from stereotypical color combinations

Over time, lots of color palettes have been overused that they actually started to look a bit awkward. Some examples are black, red and white or black, white and blue. Steer clear from these color patterns if you want your room to look hip and modern.

Amp up the elegance factor with neutral colors

Using primary colors in your apartment can look unsophisticated and immature. Instead, use neutral colors like gray, brown or taupe to add some texture in your otherwise monotonous apartment. Think about the material you will use as well. Add in a bit of metallic and leathers to give your apartment a hint of character.

Ditch fluorescent lighting

Sure, fluorescent overhead lighting is inexpensive but it will only make your room look bland. It can even be a big mood killer if you have someone over. Invest in lamps instead. Additional sources of light like floor lamps, table lamps, and other lamp varieties can add to that cozy ambiance to your room. If you want to make the extra mile, install a dimmer switch so you can control the mood.

Invest in a good hamper

The biggest mood-killer in any apartment is scattered clothes. If you’re still using your old hamper from your college days up until now, you’re making a very big blunder. Invest in a stylish hamper with a cover to hide your dirty clothes and your apartment will instantly look fresher.

There’s no such thing as too many books

Aside from being such decorative pieces for your shelves, books also say a lot about you. Having a whole shelf of books in your apartment will exude a sense of culture when you have guests over. So have a custom bookshelf installed for your literary collection and enjoy!

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