Beginner’s Guide: Painting Colors on Metal with Enamel

Beginner’s Guide: Painting Colors on Metal with Enamel

Got metal surfaces at home that need sprucing up? With the help of enamel paint, a color chart, and the right know-how, you have yourself a fun project that will give a little life to your space.


How to paint metal with enamel paint

Any metal piece, whether it’s a chair, bed frame, or handrail, can benefit from a nice makeover. If painted correctly with just the right color, you can revamp an old piece and add character to your living space at the same time.

Take a look at these handy instructions to avoid any mistakes and so your can handiwork last for a long time.

1. Start with a clean surface.

Even if it looks shiny and clean, but any oil, grease, or dust left on metal will prevent the paint from properly adhering to the surface. Use a solvent like acetone as it dries quickly and leaves it clean. Avoid using water. If necessary, use a rust remover to clean rust on the surface. After cleaning it, try not to touch it with your bare hands as oil from your skin can get it dirty again.

2. Scuff before you prime.

Use your scuffing pad and rub it along the surface you’ll be painting on. This makes your primer stick to the metal even better. Coat with a rust-inhibiting primer and make sure it’s specially formulated for use on metal. Let the primer dry thoroughly based on the manufacturer’s suggestion before you start painting.

3. Start painting!

Now for the main event. Like your primer, make sure that you are using paint suited for metal surfaces like Island Paints COLORQuick Dry Enamel. Use a brush or a roller to paint, depending on the shape of the piece. Let the paint dry in between coats.


ColorQuick: Island Paints’s Quick Dry Enamel

Island Paints’s very own formulation, Colorquick Quick Dry Enamel is a lead-free, protective finishing coat for wood and metal surfaces. It can be relied on to provide a durable, high gloss that’s also weather-resistant.

Island Paints’s quick dry enamel also comes in an assortment of vivid colors with 30 pre-mixed and 240 special or by request.

For long-lasting paint jobs on wood and metal surfaces, use Colorquick. Don’t forget to prep your surface before using the product, and make sure to comply with instructions on how to apply, PARA SURE!

Read more about Colorquick or read suggestions for home improvement projects with para sure tips, only from Island Paints!

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