Best Roof Paint for The New Year

Best Roof Paint for The New Year

It’s cliché as it may sound but time flies so fast. Undoubtedly, it’s already 2016; New Year, new life, new resolutions, and what’s this? New roof paint? Why not? Splash you humble abode with wonderful colors to celebrate the coming days of 2016. Your house is, after all, an extension of you and your family. So if you’re planning on turning a new leaf this year, then be generous enough to join-in your home. Skip those dark and sappy colors. Island Paints Philippines will help make your home bright and cheery this year. Let’s start the days with a bang, and by bang we mean explosive and eye-catching colors.

Don’t know what color to choose? Worry not, because Island Paints Philippines have the best roof paints colors we can absolutely share with you!


  1. White

Before you go all bombardment on how a hassle it is to maintain a white roof us, hear us out. White roof is absolutely healthy. Okay, so in the tropics, white roof paint can easily stain through heavy dust and dirt but studies have shown a breakthrough when it comes to white paint. White roof paint can literally reflect sunlight; this helps the house by lowering hot temperature and reduces energy consumption. It’s a win-win situation, to be honest.


  1. Yellow

The ultimate view when finding massive doses of sunshine, yellow is the color of happiness and of our lovely Sun. Just like our warm and bubbly—with a bit of burning qualities—Sun, the color yellow can bring life to its possible damp and boring environment. Just imagine how fun it will be when your home radiates a bright glow to everyone and everything that surrounds it; it’s a positive chain-reaction in the making.


  1. Orange

Fusion of red and orange, a mix of passion and happiness; orange is one of the prominent colors that creates scene stealing moments. With fire and spark surrounding the roof, your house will look like a perfect representation of a re-born phoenix, and a re-born phoenix is infinitely awesome. Overall, your house will undoubtedly pop-out among the rest because of how strong the orange color will sport.


  1. Blue

It’s the perfect combination of bright and “cool”. Blue is a good color when you’re living in a tropical country, specifically in the Philippines. It reminds us of the deep blue sea and all its wonders, not to mention how refreshing the waters are. The blue color somehow radiates a cool and breezy aura that helps tame down peak temperatures.


  1. Green

A great color suggestion for all the “green thumbs” out there.  Nature-oriented and calm, green is the go-to color when you want to have a New Year make-over. Green is also the color of money. Who knows, you might—by belief—get lucky. Also, there’s been a study that shows that green colors are therapeutic for your eyes, therefore avoiding eye strain. Lastly, green is great as a roof coloring because it compliments with tons of other secondary colors.


Did we get you interested? Good! Bring out the New Year vibes with the Island Paint color combinations found here! If you already have a color in mind, we can definitely get it for you.

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