House Design Tips for the Chinese New Year

House Design Tips for the Chinese New Year

Trying to look for a new house design this year? February is an exciting time for the Chinese community because of their upcoming New Year! But just because you’re not Chinese doesn’t mean you can’t join-in on the celebration. There are so many things to consider when preparing for Chinese New Year and all of these activities tend to be exciting and fruitful. The Chinese people hold a great regard when it comes to following traditions. Especially in their households, there are many things to do before that 12am New Year clock hits.

Here are some house design tips for the Chinese New Year…

  1. Fruit Creativity
    Inside your house, make sure that you have an abundance of fruits on your table. Mandarin is considered one of the most important in the array of fruits you can place on your dinner table. When a person arrives make sure you offer some to them as it promotes good will toward others. The mandarins themselves have symbolisms as they represent peace, good fortune, and longevity. Get creative with your house design by having ceramic bowls and furniture to complement the fruits.


  1. Hide Sharp Objects
    Before celebrating Chinese New Year, make sure to place all sharp cutting objects like scissors, knives, and razor blades out of sight. Not only is this promoting safety in your house design but it also represents something for the Chinese New Year. Sharp objects, is believed to quickly shred a person’s luck into many and unfortunate pieces. Having sharp objects around is considered very unlucky for the Chinese New Year.


  1. Red is Happiness
    Red is considered as one of China’s main colors. Not only this, but it also symbolizes happiness and positivity. Have red in your house design because it can easily brighten the room and it gives off a bubbly and enthusiastic vibe. You can complement this by wearing red or using red accessories.


  1. House Cleaning
    Cleaning your space, be it your home or the office, is important during Chinese New Year. Not only does this make your house design space-friendly, but it also gives a sense of fresh and clean atmosphere. Cleaning one’s space, based on Chinese tradition, will cleanse all ill fortune and negative energy that compiled during the past year.

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