Look Up! Tips on How to Choose Ceiling Paint

Look Up! Tips on How to Choose Ceiling Paint

When painting an interior space, not a lot of people think past the paint to use on the four walls of a room. What people tend to forget is the paint you need to consider for the fifth wall of the room. Ceiling paint is as important as wall paint, and here is a helpful list of things to consider when it is time for you to choose.

Tips on How to Choose Ceiling Paint

Here are some design factors you need to consider when choosing the ceiling paint for your space.

  • Ceiling Design: Due to the building’s architecture, some rooms can have asymmetrical, vaulted, or angled ceilings. Using the same color for the wall and ceiling paint can help make the entire look of the room more uniform. Painting your ceiling and walls with the same paint color also works best in rooms with flat-surfaced ceilings, versus ceilings with a unique or scalloped texture.
  • Room Size: The size of the room you are going to paint should factor into your ceiling paint decision. Dark or light paint colors would work best depending on the size of the room, and what kind of space you are going to paint.

Ceiling Paint Shades

Here’s a handy guide on how to select ceiling paints for the room you are about to paint:

  • Lighter Shades: Painting your ceiling a lighter color can make a room feel higher and more spacious. It is best for rooms that do not get a lot of natural light, as darker colors tend to absorb the light in a room. For rooms with low ceilings or small spaces, lighter ceiling paint shades are the way to go. If the room’s walls have bright colors, painting your ceiling white can help pull the look of the whole room together.
  • Darker Shades: Give rooms a cozy, intimate atmosphere by selecting dark shades for your ceiling paint. If your room has white walls or has decorative trim like crown moldings, choosing darker ceiling paint colors can give these details the attention they deserve.

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