Tips on Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

Tips on Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

Does your closet constantly look like a hurricane passed by it? Before you get swallowed by your own mess, take charge and get organized!

Sometimes we get too attached to the items in our closets and we can’t bear to part with them. But the more we hang on to things we don’t need, the more we clutter our closets. You feel uneasy just looking at the mess, and you end up wasting time looking for your things. That’s why cleaning your closet at least once a year is a good practice.

To start cleaning out your wardrobe, follow these tips:

  1. Gather these essentials: your digital camera (your phone camera works just fine as well), steel rods, containers, storage shelves, and baskets
  2. Click away! Take pictures of your shoes, bags, and accessories, then print them out. Arrange your items in containers, and use the pictures you printed out as “labels”.
  3. Hang rods on existing rails. That way, you get extra space in the bottom part of your closet for pants, and room in the top part for your dresses. You don’t need a handyman for this, too!
  4. A hooked hanger is great for holding belts and scarves that usually end up tangled on your closet floor.
  5. Plastic containers are not just for storing food, but they can also work wonders for organizing your drawers. Arrange your items by kind and store them in see-through containers. This makes finding items much easier.
  6. Donate what you don’t need. Once you’ve set aside the things you don’t use anymore, donate them to charity.

Now that your closet is organized, not only do you save more time or made your room look a lot better, dressing up just got a bit more fun as well!




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