Does the Color of a Room Really Affect Your Mood?

Does the Color of a Room Really Affect Your Mood?

Color is one of the most important interior design elements when it comes to decorating your house. It may be easy to choose a color and assign it to a room based on aesthetics but it’s also important to note that a little color psychology can give any room the right ambiance for the purpose that it will serve.

The color of a room is a lot more powerful than it seems. It can change the shape and size of furnishings or even the room itself. If you’re having a hard time choosing which color best suits your house and its different rooms according to their purpose, read on and find out how the color of a room can affect your mood:

Making the right choice

Every color has a psychological value. This means that each color has a corresponding effect on your mood and consciousness. Some colors inspire peace and tranquillity while others may motivate energy and activity. Colors are contained in a broad spectrum that elicits different moods and emotions. One color may, for instance, illicit totally different effects on you and your loved ones. The trick here is to create harmony in your color palette to prevent overbearing contrasts both in color and moods.

Different Colors and their Corresponding Effects on Mood

Red can elicit powerful emotions. It can boost a room’s energy level. So for rooms that will serve as a place where people gather, red is the best paint choice as it will help draw people together and stimulate conversation as well as stir up excitement.

Yellow is the color for happiness. It’s the perfect color for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms where it can create an energetic and uplifting mood. It can also help expand spaces, making it a good choice for hallways, entries, and small rooms.

Blue inspires calmness and tranquility. It’s a color you should definitely consider for resting areas where the mood you want to create is relaxing and serene. It is primarily recommended for resting areas such as bedrooms.


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