The Color Orange for the Home

The Color Orange for the Home

Imagine your home in the color of sunsets, of a citrus fruit, of autumn leaves that have dried and are about to fall. Welcome the warmth of orange into your home with these orange color schemes from Island Premium Paints.

The equal mix of yellow and red, orange is the first color that comes to mind when you think about warmth. The color stimulates activity, appetite, and socialization. For decor purposes, orange can be a bright pop of color in a deep or strong-hued background, or be central in some design themes, such as the following:

Orange Color Schemes to Try


Just as there are many things colored orange, there are also more shades, tones, and variations under the color. For a lively, Moroccan-inspired space, utilize a color scheme of warm orange, golden yellow, and lime green.

Soften the rich orange with neutral flooring or wooden fixtures. A stylish Moroccan rug should add or contribute to the theme.


Country-style puts the colors of persimmon and yellow on a neutral background with accent pieces (such as pillows, chair cushions, and fabrics) in the color of orange-red and solid yellow.

Whimsical Warmth

Before you start spreading bright hues into the room, start with white walls, shelves, and other wall installments. This should allow for elements in fuschia and tangerine to pop out. Consider pink rugs, hot pink throw pillows, and tangerine table pieces.

TerraCotta Cozy

There’s no denying that orange is the default color of cozy. For this terracotta color scheme, use bold orange, red and yellow on a pale wall for a soothing combination. Hold the mix of colors with the use of black on various items in the room.

Earthy-colored pieces and clay vases and fixtures would be a nice touch to rooms and spaces with this color scheme. It is a terra-cotta look that we’re aiming for, after all.

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