Para Sure Tips for Color Retention

Para Sure Tips for Color Retention

You don’t need to be a paint expert to know that paint fades over time. It’s a natural tendency. But, of course, there’s a thing or two you can do to improve that. With the right process of application, the right paint and these para sure tips you can lengthen paint’s color retention.


Color Retention and Premature Fading

Fact: paint naturally fades. You see, the color pigments in paint’s formulation enter a process of gradual loss right after it’s applied on a surface. On top of that, several factors such as daily exposure to intense heat boost the process of degradation. And this rapid loss of color is often referred to as “Premature Fading.”


Para Sure Ways to Secure Color Retention

There are a couple of things that you can do to ensure that your paint lasts a little longer than the prescribed standard lifespan. Here are a few para sure pointers from Island Premium Paints.


                  Proper Application with Surface Preparation

Premature fading can be the result of chalking, a common paint problem where the paint film rapidly degrades due to weathering. To keep moisture from interfering with your paint’s composition, you have to ensure your paint’s superior adhesion with proper surface preparation and careful paint application.


Remember, proper surface preparation is the foundation of a good paint job.


                  Consider your Surface’s Condition

Too much sunshine is bad news for your paint—before AND after application. While there’s very little you can do to stop the sun from bringing on its heat, you can instead plan or schedule your painting around that. Carefully study the condition of your surface. What part of the day does the sun directly hit your surface? At what part of the day is your surface shaded or free from the sun’s rays? Of course, for paint to properly stick and set, you’d want to apply your paint on that portion of the day when the sun’s rays are away from your wall.


Find the Right Paint and Paint Sheen for Your Surface

Do not make the mistake of using interior paint for an exterior surface. Obviously, interior and exterior surfaces encounter different wear-and-tear, and are formulated differently. Go for the right paint sheen, as well. Hi-gloss or Gloss are always best for exteriors.


Find the Right Paint with Good Color Retention

Go fade-resistant with premium grade paints! These paints carry high-quality pigments and the right amount of binder for durability and good adhesion.

As a general rule: high-quality acrylic-based paints have better color retention than oil-based paint products.

Para Sure Tips for Color Retention

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