ColorQuick: Premium Quick Dry Enamel

ColorQuick: Premium Quick Dry Enamel

Every passionate homemaker or hands-on homebuilder has encountered “quick dry enamel” in one of his or her casual strolls in the hardware store. What is it and what do you use it for, really? Well, allow us to serve you some facts and details for your enlightenment.

Check out this quick intro—or refresher—to quick dry enamel.

The Enamel in Quick Dry Enamel

Also known as oil-based enamel, enamel paint is a protective and decorative coating that dries to a hard, durable and glossy finish. It’s mostly used for coating surfaces in exterior setting or those exposed to high traffic areas, and ever-changing weather and temperature.

Kinds of Enamel Paint

There are different kinds of enamel with different functions and specialties. Take these for example.

  • Floor Enamel – for decorative and protective coating of porches, patios, basement stairs, laundry areas, concrete surfaces and more
  • High temperature Enamel – type of enamel paint that’s formulated for hot surfaces, such as those of engines, brakes, exhaust, and BBQs.
  • Quick Dry Enamel – great for industrial finishes, this particular type of enamel can dry within 10-15 minutes of application.

ColorQuick: Island Paints’s Quick Dry Enamel

Island Paints’s very own formulation, Colorquick Quick Dry Enamel is a lead-free, protective finishing coat for wood and metal surfaces. It can be relied on to provide a durable, high gloss that’s also weather-resistant.

Of course, it wouldn’t be called Colorquick for nothing. Island Paints’s quick dry enamel comes in an assortment of vivid colors with 30 pre-mixed and 240 special or by request.

For long-lasting paint jobs on wood and metal surfaces, use Colorquick. Don’t forget to prep your surface before using the product, and make sure to comply with instructions on how to apply, PARA SURE!

Read more about Colorquick or read suggestions for home improvement projects with para sure tips, only from Island Paints!

8 Responses to ColorQuick: Premium Quick Dry Enamel

  1. Manuelito A.Tura says:

    Do you have schedule here in cagayan de oro for your product?

  2. Violeta says:

    I like ur paint.wish some1 can visit my store.tnx

  3. lennie lizades says:

    just wanna ask if the quick dry enamel can also be used on concrete walls and can it have the same shade of color when applied both on wood and concrete?

  4. eduardo esteban says:

    Please send MSDS of quick dry enamel, your product will be use in our construction projects. hoping for your immediate response

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