Colors to Make Your Room Look Elegant

Colors to Make Your Room Look Elegant

You need not break the bank to give your room an elegant look. Sometimes all it takes is the right color palette and the right touches.

The word elegant when describing a room can conjure up images of antique furniture or elaborate Persian rugs. However, it’s possible to create an elegant look without having to spend so much on intricate furnishings. Here are some suggestions on how to create an elegant-looking room with the right colors:

1. Consider the room’s size and shape.

For this, you’ll also need to take into account the amount of light that goes into the room. The general rule is that the more natural light the room gets, the darker the color you can go with. On the other hand, a lighter color can make a smaller, darker room seem more open and larger.

2. Choose a theme.

Again, you don’t have to go for the traditional definition of elegance. Look through design magazines or websites for inspiration. You can go for open, modern, or cozy looks, depending on your personal preference. Choosing a theme will impact your color palette.

3. Choose a color palette.

A simple way of making a color palette is to define three colors—your dominant color, your secondary or complimentary color, and the accent color. Traditionally, rooms that go for an elegant look are painted beige or light gray. Cozier rooms opt for darker shade such as darker grays or browns. Modern looks are more of brighter colors. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, you may want to steer clear of intense colors like red and orange.

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4. Create a focal point in the room.

The focal point or feature is the one thing that draws the eye of visitors when they enter the room. It can be a framed mirror, a painting, or an elaborate table centrepiece. Whatever the point is, it should be the main attraction and everything else should just blend around it. Multiple statement pieces can make a room look too busy.



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