Fun Colors For The Rainy Season

Fun Colors For The Rainy Season

Rainy season is drenching the Philippines once again. It’s the season of dark clouds and strong winds. During the rainy season, your house can look dim and boring. Lighting your home can only do so much against the dark clouds of the weather. To compensate for the rainy and damp condition, decorating your home with bright colors can help bring out the liveliness in your household. Not only do bright and fun colors help contrast the gray and dull weather but it also helps boost your atmosphere’s mood.

Here are fun colors for the rainy season!

  1. Hot Pink
    hot pink
    Hot Pink is one of the brightest colors around. It’s the perfect tone to challenge the rainy season. Expect your home to look sassy and bright with this color.


  1. Jungle Green
    jungle green
    Jungle Green is a color that leans on the blue tone. It’s not as the name implies because it gives off a very cool tone to your home. It’s a good contrast to the dull and gray skies of the rainy season.


  1. Flora Azalea
    flora azalea
    considered a regal tone, Flora Azalea is a fun and bright color for your home. The brightness of the color is the perfect home addition against the dark and dim atmosphere of the rainy season. You can mix it with other bright colors like Eggyolk to add variations and balance.


  1. Pumpkin
    you can never go wrong with earth tones. Pumpkin is a color that roots from its name. It’s a very organic and bright color that can enhance your home’s interior. It’s the perfect rustic addition along with your home’s other color tones.


  1. Skyline
    The blue tone of Skyline is light and cool to the eyes. Its visual appeal is one of the most relaxing because the color tone resembles a clear blue sky. It’s a great contrast to the dim skies of the rainy season.


  1. Dawnbreak
    Dawnbreak is a bright color that takes a very subtle approach. The color base of Dawnbreak is a good combination with colors like Hot Pink because of its neutral tone. Try mixing the color up with Hot Pink or Skyline

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