Debunking Painting Myths

Debunking Painting Myths

Painting your home on your own can seem overwhelming, but once you have basic working knowledge of how to go about it, you can feel confident about doing it yourself.

Even with all the information you can find, you may still have a few questions going through your mind. To help you get started on your painting job, we’re debunking some of the top painting myths below:

Myth #1: You don’t need to use painter’s tape.

First, what is painter’s tape for? This is a special tape used to prepare your walls before you paint them. It keeps paint from dripping, and it’s also useful for when you want to paint walls in different colors or paint stripes. Taping can be time-consuming, so if you’re confident with your painting skills, it’s okay to skip the tape.

Myth #2: Always apply two coats of paint.

This is one of the oldest myths about painting, and with the advances in technology, that’s not always the case nowadays. Depending on the brand and the color you choose, you’ll either need a coat or two to get a good result. Assess the situation properly if you need to use more than two coats.

Myth #3: It’s okay not to paint the ceiling.

Surprisingly, there are still a lot people who think that you shouldn’t paint the ceiling anymore. Painting the ceiling is another way to get creative with your space, so yes, it’s definitely okay to paint it.

Myth #4: You can skip the primer.

Some people say that primer is a waste of time, but primer is a necessary step if you want a perfect, professional look to your walls. This is especially true if you’re planning to paint in a rich color. Primer allows the paint to stick to the wall better, and also leaves a smooth, even finish.

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