Tips on Decorating a Bookshelf

Tips on Decorating a Bookshelf

The big trend these days when it comes to decorating your home is incorporating style and storage opportunities into one cohesive interior design. And perhaps the best way to reflect this principle is by maximizing design ideas for a bookshelf.

If you’re a big literary fan and you consider yourself a wide reader, then you’re in for a big treat! Here’s how you can create a home for your prized pieces of literature without compromising style (although a bookshelf never really goes out of style). Even so, here are decorating tips for your bookshelf:

Accessorize Your Shelf

Guess what? Your bookshelf isn’t just for your books! Add personality and more visual interest to your bookshelf by filling the extra spaces with pieces like decorative boxes, framed photos and artworks, some memorabilia and other eclectic pieces that you think will mesh well with your theme.

Add Lighting for Drama

Good lighting always adds to the ambiance and drama of any room. When it comes to bookshelves, a piece of furniture whose purpose is to display, the key is to make it look like an art gallery. Light up your bookshelves with gallery lights to make it look more dramatic and visually pleasing.

Show Your Taste for Artwork

To make your bookshelf even more interesting, try hanging some framed artwork on the edge of the shelves. Keep in mind that this may block access to some of your books so remember to place your chosen work of art in front of paperbacks that only make the whole bookshelf seem cluttered.

Display Your Collections

If you are a fond collector of any item, it can also be a good idea to bump up the style points of your bookshelf by adding your collection to the display. The challenge here is to keep your bookshelf from looking cluttered in spite of displaying various items. If you have this accomplished, your bookshelf will be a beautiful organization of design and personality.




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