Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces can be quite a big challenge for homeowners and designers alike. Some of the top concerns when working with spaces that are short on square meters is storage, furniture arrangement and, yes, even decoration!

So how do you turn a small area into a room that can make you feel grand? Here are some decorating ideas that will give your small space a big bang:

Sweeping, constant colors

Keeping the color of your walls simple, light and constant inspire a fresh ambiance and veers you away from feeling cramped. This will also lead your focus to the views outside the windows. Keeping your artwork at a minimum will make your design more significant and keeps the area from feeling closed and cramped.

Making long and narrow rooms fit for royalty

If you have a long and narrow living room, for instance, divide the space by allotting three separate seating areas with small furniture. To create the illusion of more space, place mirrors at both of the room’s ends. This will also enhance the room’s lighting, creating an elegant and quaint living room.

Making the most out of your furniture

Finding a spacious apartment in the metro can be very difficult so most just resort to studio apartments. But that is no excuse for skimping on the design! If you are saving space, look for multipurpose furniture. For instance, a Chippendale game table can be used as a dining table or any other purpose you might find fit. Another example is a chair that contains compartments for books.

Keeping your space neat, clean and organized

The biggest enemy of small spaces is mess and clutter. Nothing makes a small room look even smaller than disorder. So keep things as simple as you can. Choose neutral paint colors and keep the rugs to a minimum.

Banking on smart storage

The key to maximizing your small space is being smart when it comes to storage. Every storage opportunity is an opportunity to save space. As mentioned earlier, one option is to look for multi-functional furniture. Another one is upgrading your existing furniture for storage functions. For instance, you can install cubbyholes beneath your bed or hang extra folding chairs on your walls.

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