Decorating Tips for Your Five-Star Dining Room

Decorating Tips for Your Five-Star Dining Room

Gone are the days when enjoying meals at any time of the day only involves your tummy. Today, more and more people are bringing home their dining experience from a fancy restaurant into their very own houses. Just as eating is made enjoyable with the right food presentation, a good dining experience is completed by the ambiance that resonates from a beautifully set table and a well-designed interior.
If you’re looking to revamp your dining room to get that five-star dining experience, here are a few tips you should take note of:

Come up with a theme to make your interior design cohesive.

The first thing to consider when styling your dining room, as with any room in your home, is figuring out what theme you would like your dining room to have. There are tons of themes you can choose from; you can either go Filipiniana or modern classic, Victorian or quirky. Whichever you choose, the key is in executing your theme perfectly. Remember to decide on a theme before anything else since this will determine your choices in all the other details of your dining room such as the silverware, the fabric, and the decor, among others.

Learn how to properly set your silverware on a table.

Ever wonder why eating in a fancy restaurant is always Instagram-worthy? Apart from the delicious-looking food, the table arrangements are pristine and perfect from the plate down to the cake fork. It’s never too late to actually research and figure out where all the utensils go. This will have a huge effect on the ambiance of your dining room.

Invest on a good set of plates.

If you think you’re getting a good deal out of buying cheap plates that look good but are easily broken, think again. As you may already know, plates are integral in setting a dining room table, so make sure to get a good set of plates that go together. With a little effort, you’ll be surprised to find quality plates that fit your budget.

Be mindful when choosing your PLACE MATS and tableCloths.

Without the right place mats and tablecloths, your perfect table setting and beautiful plates and silverware will only end up looking incomplete. Think of your plates as the subject of a photo or an artwork and the tablecloth and place mats as the frame.

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