Effortlessly Chic Home Decor

Effortlessly Chic Home Decor

The humble abode is never really just humble. It boasts of a design that’s carefully thought of and proudly pulled off, DIY style. In beautifying and transforming your home into one that’s effortlessly chic, check out these para sure home decor styling tricks and elements.

Strategically-placed Artwork

Whether bought or your own, be proud and put that artwork on display! Plan out your placements and pick the right artwork for the emotion you want a space to evoke. Para sure home decor tip: choose surfaces where eyes will easily be drawn to, once you enter the room.

Add Interesting Shapes & Silhouette

Interesting shapes and silhouettes create visual intrigue. They prevent packing too much straight lines and circular forms into a space. Add a pleasing element of surprise by with new and unexpected and new fixtures such as a palm tree-shaped end table or single-unit shelves that come in triangle and other geometrical shapes.

Luxe for Less Lampshades

Lampshades are one of the easiest ways to stimulate emotion to a room. Para sure home decor tip: experiment with cloths, colors and fabrics. A thin, gray cloth or a warm red-colored lampshade are great colors for a luxe feel.

Stylized Clutter

Chic and sophisticated often means a room free of mess and clutter. But hey, who says you can’t use clutter for display purposes? Enter: organized clutter. Dirty articles of clothing on the floor, clumps of balled-up paper on a work desk and unruly, exposed cables and cords on your entertainment system do not fall into this category. Organized clutter adds character to your space. Such are stacks of books and magazines on a coffee table, makeup cases on a lady’s dressing table and the like.

Mix & Match Textures

A layered mix of materials and textures is a good trick to providing your room with a personalized, luxurious look. Mix metals, glass, wood, a variety of textiles, and leather items to create a dynamic, inviting space.

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