Benefits of Elastomer Paint

Benefits of Elastomer Paint

There are so many paint products to choose from nowadays. Each has a specific role in home improvement and sometimes, finding the right one can be tricky. But with today’s damp season and random rain occurrences, the best go-to paint product would be Elastomer Paint. Elastomer Paint is your home improvement’s best buddy when it comes to being waterproof. Not only is it effective long term, but it is also flexible when it comes to painting designs because of the various color choices available.

Here are the benefits of Elastomer Paint.

  1. Elastomer paint is extremely effective for concrete and masonry wall surfaces

Elastomer Paint is effective when it comes to tilt-up or poured-in-place walls because of its long-term durability and incredible elongation characteristics.


  1. Elastomer Paint has excellent waterproofing properties

Elastomer Paint can accommodate raining conditions without the hassle of paint repair. Elastomer Paint is also good for interior surfaces because the elastic property of the paint prevents water from seeping inside the house. This paint is also highly resistant to sunlight, heat, cold, and hard rain.


  1. Elastomer Paint is very durable

Elastomer Paint is a top choice for homeowners because of its durable properties. The paint can last up to 5-10 years and minimal repaints are needed if exterior forces affect the paint. The durability and flexibility of Elastomer Paint is beneficial because it bridges moving hairline cracks.


  1. Elastomer Paint does not need multiple coatings

With just 2 coats of elastomeric paint over a primer, cracks will be effectively filled and water will not be able to penetrate. A properly applied Elastomer Paint can last up to more than 10 years. Always use a paint roller when applying Elastomer Paint. Also, make sure that molds and paint damages are scraped away before gently applying.


  1. Star Elastomer is one of the best Elastomer Paints available

Star Elastomer is a decorative self-priming coating that is highly recommended for interior and exterior surfaces. Aside from its elongation properties, its high tensile strength can exhibit good crack bridging properties. It’s good for Concrete walls, roof tiles, bricks, and galvanized iron surfaces.

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2 Responses to Benefits of Elastomer Paint

  1. Russell L. says:

    Hi all, I’m new to the Phills.
    1. Have a house that we are repairing. The CR walls (hollow block) have a bubbling skim coat under a flat colored paint that is peeling with the added delight of mildew. (We added an exhaust fan that comes on when the light is turned on) I’m going to scrap off the walls as much as possible. I really need your insight for the proper primer and finish coat.
    2. This same house just had a finish coat of cement applied on the outside (hollow block walls) about 20 days ago. Would really appreciate your input on what is needed to properly finish/paint the outside walls.

    • Admin says:

      Hi there, Russell! Thank you for choosing Island Premium Paints! We’ll bring this to the attention of our brand team. :)

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