The Three Basic Elements of Interior Design

The Three Basic Elements of Interior Design

A beautiful room is rarely the product of randomly throwing furniture and other decorative objects together. It’s the product of informed decision-making, an eye for aesthetics and basic interior design guidelines.

Whether or not you’re a professional interior designer, having interior design in your skill set will always be an advantage. If you’re thinking about re-decorating, or just re-arranging your furniture knowing the three basic elements of interior design comes in handy. So before you start on a home decorating project, familiarize yourself with these three basic elements:

Element 1: Function

Interior is not just all about aesthetics. It’s equally important to make a room suited to your needs. Achieving this balance may seem easy but finding a point where beauty and functionality meet is not always an easy task. To help you create a functional room, remember to let the room draw your eyes to a focal point like a bookshelf or an artwork.

Support the room’s functionality with impeccably arranged furniture that serves the room’s purpose, and achieve a visual and functional balance with well-designed lighting.

Element 2: Personality

Always give a room character – a personality that’s consistent with yours. This assures the comfort that the room will bring when you start using the space. Achieve this by accessorizing the room with distinct objects that you can relate to. Hang family photos, display vases, and put rugs that fulfill both form and function for your space. Before putting anything into your room for decoration, make sure it blends well with your theme.

Element 3: Mood

Aside from comfort, functionality and visual appeal, a perfectly designed space evokes a mood or feeling. It is created by the harmony of the different elements in your room like color, furniture, pattern, and texture. To get your room to exude that certain atmosphere, make sure you decorate with an inspiration piece like a fabric pattern or a painting that you can draw inspiration from when you start visualizing your interior design.

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