Tips for Rearranging Your Furniture

Tips for Rearranging Your Furniture

Thinking about changing things up in your home? Giving your any space in your home a fresh look can be as easy as rearranging your furniture!

Simply moving one piece of furniture to another area or switching two pieces can instantly change the mood in your room and give it a brand new vibe. So whether it’s for your bedroom, a living room or TV room, here are some tips you should take note of for rearranging your furniture:

Size it up!

Get your tape measure and start measuring the dimensions of your room. This will make it easier for you to plan out the way you want your newly rearranged space to look. If you’re bringing in new furniture, then you should all the more get your measurements to make sure everything will fit perfectly.

Add variety.

To keep your room interesting and visually appealing, make sure your space has pieces of furniture with a variety of sizes, and that these designs that work well together.

Maintain balance.

Make sure that the balance of the furniture, as well as the decorative pieces in the area you’re working on, are on point. You can either go for symmetrical or asymmetrical balance. The former exudes a peaceful atmosphere while the latter creates a rather exciting and playful ambiance.

Treat the room like a work of art.

Arrange your furniture the way a painter or an artist would visualize their work. One trick that might not be known to laypersons is triangulation, which means balancing three points in the room. When it comes to interior design, triangulation can be seen in the placement of two end tables on both sides of a couch accessorized with a painting above the couch.

Think big.

When you plan everything out, try to envision the room in the big picture – what it will look like in totality. Once you have this down, make divisions and think about whether or not these divisions make sense functionally and visually.

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