Halloween Home Decor Essentials

Halloween Home Decor Essentials

Halloween may not be part of Filipino, but hey, we’re getting there! So as the spook season nears, let’s get to work and start dressing up your home for Halloween!

Filipinos on Halloween

Halloween in the Philippines wasn’t always Halloween. All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ are annual events that, for some, meant packing and spending a night in cemeteries with the dearly departed. There were simple traditions of sharing horror stories and spook pranks.

Recently, there have been obvious additions to the above-mentioned simple traditions. Kids started dressing up as mini monsters on a trick or treat adventure, offices started throwing Halloween costume parties, and local magazine shows made it a yearly special episode to feature supernatural stories with re-enactments that haunted you the whole season.

Though unofficial, the Philippines now has Halloween as one of its yearly celebrations. And no one’s complaining, really. We love colorful celebrations and get-togethers; and Halloween, if anything, is another reason for us to be crazy creative.

Halloween Home Decor Must-Haves

Ride with the times and dress up your quarters with home decor that’s fit for the season. Carving pumpkins may seem a waste, but the other things on this list guarantees a home dressed up for fun and fright.

  • Hang fake ghosts where your Christmas parol would usually be placed. Hang or tie a balloon in place, then cover it with a sheet. Don’t forget to draw black eyes on it!
  • Have that ominous feel to your home by scattering silhouettes of black crows in the front of your home. Inside the home, try perching them up on tops of cabinets and doorways.
  • Is that someone peeking at me? An alternative to black crows would be positioning scary masks around the corners of your home.
  • Spider Webs do a great job at making areas appear abandoned and haunted. The best places to place those fake webs are at doorways, corners and railings.
  • To complete your deserted theme, cover your furniture with off-white sheets. If you want to add more effort into it, check for fixtures and decors that are a little too cheery for the theme.
  • On Hallow’s eve, turn the lights off or dim it down. Who’s not afraid of the dark?

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