Things to Remember When Hanging Curtains

Things to Remember When Hanging Curtains

Having the perfect drapes and curtains for your windows is relatively easy. Determining how to hang them, on the other hand, is a whole other story.

There’s a large sum of ways you can go wrong with hanging even the best curtains. To help you keep away from these mistakes, here are some important reminders to keep in mind when hanging your gorgeous curtains.

Never Hang Your Curtains Too Low

Long curtains may look grand and beautifully extravagant but that does not mean you should let your hang your curtains all the way down to the floor to the point that they crumple (unless you have classic side panels). It is not just to keep your curtains clean. If you have a low ceiling, it is best to hang curtain rods and draperies at the ceiling to create the illusion that your room is taller than it really is.

Never Hang Curtains That Are Too Short

Just as it is a big no-no to hang curtains that are too long (saving for some exceptions), it is a resounding no for short curtains as well. The ideal curtain length should be long enough to touch the floor, and short enough so that your curtains do not look like the train of a wedding gown. Although you can get ready-made curtains, it’s still best to have them customized for your home.

Be Precise With Your Measurements

Before anything else, the first step in dressing your room up with drapes is getting the measurements right. Once you’ve decided on how you want to hang your curtains, measure your windows and make the necessary adjustments so that your curtains hang just the way you like them.

Pick the Right Hardware

You probably didn’t know you should also pay attention to what kind of rod you have to use. But that’s okay. While your curtains take all the attention, it’s also important to get the rod that will give your curtains enough support. So if you’re planning to hang heavy window treatments, choose a rod that offers extra support.



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