Waterproofing Tips to Keep in Mind

Waterproofing Tips to Keep in Mind

Why the need to waterproof your home? Being in a country such as ours when the wet season is another term for storm and flood season, you don’t want water getting into parts of your home where it shouldn’t be. Water in unwanted places of your home may lead damages. It rots wood and may cause spalling on concrete. Your home’s foundation and structure weakens and decays along with these damages, and if nothing is done about it, accidents and real danger may ensue.

Take the preventive route. Waterproofing or its initial step of checking for signs of water finding way into your home should take just a few hours. So block off a portion of your time this coming weekend, and don’t forget these few Island Paints Para Sure tips for waterproofing your home.

Inspect for cracks and leaks

Waterproofing may also be seen as an opportunity to strengthen walls and the foundation of your home. Leaks are strong signs that there might be something wrong with your plumbing or pipes, while cracks may serve as entryways for water when it rains.

Start your waterproofing with a meticulous house inspection for these two problem-starters, along with other marks or signifiers such as water stains and musty odor.

Get to the bottom of the problem

Where is the leak coming from? What might have caused that stretch of a crack in the garage? As what has already been mentioned, leaks and cracks are surface problems that usually hide a bigger problem underneath.

Getting to the root of the problem may be as simple as getting the house’s blueprints out, or may require the help of a professional if activities such as digging or unearthing pipes is needed.

Patch up with the proper products

Waterproofing products are widely available in the market and made easy to use. The important thing is to know and use the product that suits your needs. Island Paints’s Concretobond is formulated with enhanced strength and adhesion for vertical surfaces but can also be used as plastering and mortar aid, and tile adhesive. Hydrobond Waterproofing Underlay Membrane is a two-packed multi-purpose concrete waterproofing for flooring, roof deck and other horizontal surfaces.

For additional information on waterproofing, check out our Checklist for Waterproofing Your Home.

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