Home Office Painting & Design Ideas

Home Office Painting & Design Ideas

Who says you can’t have fun while being productive? Ditch the gray-walled, fluorescent-lit imagery of traditional offices and work on a home office setup that you can truly own and be comfortable in! Check out these home office painting tips and design ideas from Island Premium Paints!

Take Your Time (and Have Fun) Planning  

It’s one thing to jump on the world wide web for stylish setups and attempting to work one unto your workroom; but it’s another to actually sit down and come up with a setup that supports your style, what you do for work, and your way of working. 

Narrow down your options for design and work on your own vision with these guide questions:

  • How big is your space? Have you decided on an area already? Are you working on a room, or looking at dressing up a corner by a window? 
  • What do you do for work? The ideal workspace at home is a balance of comfort, style and functionality. Factoring in the nature and essentials of your work is important, as this will help in picking a color scheme, furniture, lighting and other design elements that are appropriate for your work.  
  • What are the tools you can’t work without? Are you mostly on your laptop? Are you heavy on paperwork and using a printer or a scanner? Identifying the equipment you need helps complete your vision with the surfaces and storage solutions you need. 
  • What atmosphere ups your drive to work? A view of the outdoors or listening to chill music are factors that can help boost productivity. What are your boosters and how will you incorporate them into your office layout?  

Home Office Painting & Playing Up Your Spot’s Visual Interest

The beauty in having your own office at home is that you can work in as many design and decor elements as you’d like. But don’t get too excited! With the answers to the questions earlier as your guide, find the right design elements that work well with your personality, your work and how you do your work.  Check out these paint colors and their effects for home offices:

  • A dramatic and bold choice for interiors, a rich black color is a go-to for work that requires immense focus.  
  • Yellow sends a jolt of positive energy to the mind, and gets conversations between you or a visiting coworker going.  
  • Soothes while exuding confidence, soft purples and grays give off a balance of focus and relaxation while on the job. 
  • Looking for a down-to-the-basics, modern feel to your office hub? Off-whites are a cozier alternative to stark whites. 
  • Shades from green and blue are popular for spaces envisioned to be calm while stimulating the mind to toy and produce creative ideas.
  • For the non-workaholic, colors such as maroon and orange are great pick-me-ups for slow, groggy mornings.

Patterns and textures are other ways of playing up your visuals. Attempt to pull off a mini industrial themed office with gritty concrete elements and fake, embossed bricks!

Pick the Right Home Office Paint

When painting your home office, consider reading about the specs of your paint before buying. There are many options for interior house paints in terms of formulation, sheen and available colors, among others. For a hard-wearing, reliably durable paint with options on sheen or gloss level, check out Island Prima. Island Life is an antimicrobial, low VOC alternative in satin finish. 

Work with What’s Available

You don’t always have to buy new furniture or have expensive interior re-structuring projects done. Especially if you’re on a budget, using up old furniture and assigning new function are always great ideas for the project. Got an old dining table that’s catching dust in the bodega? Say hello to your new desk! 

Don’t Forget to Loosen Up

‘Home’ is the keyword in ‘home office’. The real objective behind every home office setup is to make work not feel like work. Loosen up with details that would make you want to lounge around in the room. Carpets, fabrics, pillows and thin curtains that allow for natural light to spill in from windows are some of the best ways to soften up your workspace at home. 

For your inspiration, check out this vlog of Kryz Uy livening up her workspace with a fresh, vibrant coat of Island Prima. 

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