House Paint Colors to Invigorate Your Home

House Paint Colors to Invigorate Your Home

Here’s to another year of colorful possibilities! But before diving into the new year, consider taking a break to reflect, plan and recharge. For your home, consider these Island Premium Paints colors to help you get into the right energized and refreshed vibe.

Especially since coming off from the whirlwind events of the holidays, take the few early days of the new year to try to collect yourself and recharge yourself. For your home, it’s always a great new year, new you idea to introduce something new. Rework the garden, rearrange pieces of furniture, and hey, why not repaint areas of your home with these invigorating Island Premium Paints colors?

Black Plum

Black can be both bold and simple. More importantly, shades such as Black Plum are reliable colors for making other colors pop. Pair with bright and loud colors, Black Plum will definitely work wonders visually and refresh any space in your home.


The cool brown shade of Taproot takes you to the vast wilderness of the jungle, where it’s quiet, serene and, best of all, calming. To add contrast, create a color scheme or a design plan with colors like Toffee or Mint Cream.

Light Coral

Throw away the idea that pink is a shade that’s only for women. Paired with the right color such as Midnight Blue, Light Coral can be demure, relaxing but also exhilarating.


Goose unlocks an invigorating ambiance with its soothing simplicity. With colors such as Vapor, Goose makes any space in your home look crisp clean and spacious.

Naples Yellow

Refreshed with a royal feeling–this is the invigorating effect that Naples Yellow calls to an area. Yellow, after all, is the color of life and happiness.

Need more options to dress up your home with? We have more options ready for you at Island Premium Paints!

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