House Paint Colors: Festive Choices for a Season of Celebrations

House Paint Colors: Festive Choices for a Season of Celebrations

It’s almost the holiday season! Once the Ber months arrive, there will be the telltale Christmas songs on the radio, a testament to how the Philippines is the country with the longest Christmas celebration. More than putting up a Christmas tree and hanging decorations, why not try giving your home a complete makeover by repainting the walls?

Deck the halls with festive, holiday-appropriate house paint colors! Here are a few room paint color options from Island Premium Paints that you might consider.

Holiday House Paint Color Choices

Give your home a makeover right in time for the holidays! Here are some house paint colors you can consider for your redecorating project:

  • Firebrick: This shade of red speaks of its origins in images of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, poinsettias, and the warmth brought by crackling, blazing logs at fireplaces. Channel this warmth by painting your walls (or even just an accent wall) with a lovely shade of Firebrick red.
  • Bergamot: The classic dark green hue reminds every one of pine trees, a happy symbol for the children waiting to open their presents on Christmas day. Green is said to have a calming effect, making it a perfect room paint color during this busy holiday season.
  • Mardi Gras: This vibrant purple might seem like an eccentric color choice, but the Mardi Gras shade would certainly up the festive atmosphere of your home by several notches. Traditionally associated with royalty, the purple can give your home a glamorous and mystical feeling this holiday season.
  • Dark Slate Blue: A bold blue choice for house paint colors might be the refreshing highlight that your holiday home makeover needs. Decorate for the holidays with white or silver accents for that dreamy winter wonderland vibe.
  • Maize: Who says this bright yellow color is just for summer and fall? This lovely house paint color gives a fun and fresh spin to the traditional gold often used on holiday decor. As the sun sets earlier and days are often shorter during the holiday season, using a bright house paint color like Maize would usher in a bright atmosphere to any room.

To give your home that festive shade, why not try out Island Premium Paints’ Star Elastomer for your house paint colors? Star Elastomer is a decorative self-priming waterproof coating for interior and exterior surfaces. Affordable, high-quality paint that’s easy to use, Star Elastomer can brighten up any room.

Explore paint colors and options at the Island Premium Paints website:


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  1. […] Find a complementary color to your room’s color scheme to give it the holiday feel you’re aiming for. And don’t limit your color choices to the usual red, white and green. Explore options and pairings with guides such as this color guide for celebrations. […]

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