How to Hang Artworks

How to Hang Artworks

Hanging pictures and artworks are as much an artistic process as it is a finishing touch for a picture’s presentation. If you think it’s as easy as mounting a frame on a wall, think again. There are elements like balance, contrast, placement, spacing, color, and proportion that have to be taken into account.

Whether you want to hang a Van Gogh classic or a poster, the truth is, anything will look good when framed. So to come up with a beautifully arranged gallery wall, here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do:

Locate the center of your wall

Measurements count. This will prove true especially when hanging your first photo. Measure the width of the wall where you will be hanging the picture. Then divide it by two and mark this halfway point.

Settle on a picture height

The ideal height of a picture is eye level for the average adult.

Make a mark at the top of the frame near the mark at the center

Make a pencil mark at the top of your frame where it rests against the wall.

Measure where you’ll nail the frame

Determine the length of the top of your frame to the wire or hook. Measure down from the mark you made for the top of your picture frame to pin down where the nail will be placed. Mark this with an x.

Make sure to hammer nail on an angle

Hammer your nail at the center of your x mark and angle it slightly upward.

Finally hang your frame

Place your picture frame on the nail and adjust the placement until it is hanging straight.

Bonus Tips!

  • The ideal height of the center of a frame should be about 155cm and 160cm.
  • Use a spirit level to make sure everything’s leveled.
  • Don’t leave too much space under the gallery wall unless you are to place a piece of furniture there.




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