Is Your House Storm-Proof?

Is Your House Storm-Proof?

In a tropical country such as the Philippines where heavy rains, strong winds, and flash floods are a yearly occurrence, it is important to ask: is your house storm-proof? Don’t wait for calamities to happen. Para Sure, here are guidelines you can use for storm-proofing your home.

Storms are a constant in the Philippines, and when they arrive during the months of August to October, all you can hope for is that your home is reinforced to withstand its strong showers of wind and water. To make sure that your home is ready for whatever weather rains upon it, take the pro-active route and storm-proof your home before rainy season hits. Para sure, use these tips from Island Paints. 

Reinforce with the Right Tools

Schedule half a day to go around your home to check which parts will need extra protection or reinforcement. Starting with the roof going down, check for signs of weakness such as rust, unevenness, and the like.

After you’ve listed down areas of concern, get to working on them with the right tools. Use the proper length of nails for, opt for a durable protective coating for your roof, anti-rust paint for metal fences, and so on.

While you’re at assessing your home, it should be handy to keep an inventory of items that could easily go missing should a flash flood occur.

Trim Trees Near Your Vicinity

Greens and plants are always nice to have in your yard, but tall or thick trees may succumb to strong winds and damage electrical lines or even your home. So, to be safe, trim nearby trees that are within your home’s vicinity.

Para Sure tip: para sure and para safe, ask the help of your local barangay when dealing with large trees.

Invest in a Generator

Rain and wind can mess with electrical lines which may cause blackouts. Purchasing a generator may not be cheap, but losing lights, functioning appliances, and communication tools during a storm will make you wish that you own one.

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