Is your house storm proof?

Is your house storm proof?

In a tropical country, storms are evident. Especially in the Philippines, where weather can be very unpredictable, the possibility of having bad weather is always high. Over the past years, Philippines has been victim to one of the strongest typhoons to hit Asia, and this year could be no exception. Don’t wait for calamities to destroy your home. It’s always better to be prepared and to be safe. Preparing your home to be storm-ready could be tedious but it’s better than repairing a broken household.

Here are ways to prepare your home for bad weather…


  1. Make and prepare a disaster kit

Disaster kits vary depending on your needs but the staple things that go with this kit are flashlights, batteries, extension cords, food rations, liters of water, and extra money. These things are essential especially during a massive blackout. You can add more things to the kit. It all depends on what you still need during a heavy storm.


  1. Trim trees near your vicinity

Fallen trees, especially the tall ones, frequently damage households during bad weather. During an incoming storm, it’s better to cut your trees to the point that it will not hit electricity lines, cars, and homes. You can ask your neighbors or your local barangay to help out.


  1. Consider having a home generator

Having a home generator may not be the most practical method of preparing for bad weather but for home improvement, these things can become a lifelong investment especially if you need to keep electricity running in a blackout.  With a home generator, you don’t have to worry about managing your lights and other appliances.


  1. Have a home inventory

In case your house was damaged from the bad weather, keeping track of the things in your house could be tedious and inaccurate. With an updated home inventory, you have a complete list of things that you may have missed out.


  1. Fine tune your home with extra foundation

if a heavy storm lasts for days then it’s better to have your house get some home improvement like extra sturdiness. You can improve your roof by adding extra materials like nails to have it strongly secured against strong winds, also you can barricade windows by applying strong wood or plastic covers.

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