Space-saving Tips for Tiny Kitchens

Space-saving Tips for Tiny Kitchens

You don’t need a big kitchen to work your magic. With a few clever ideas, you can make your tiny kitchen more efficient.

Decorating is challenging enough, but having to work with a small kitchen? No worries, though! A well-designed kitchen doesn’t always mean having more installations. It just means making the most of what you have for maximum efficiency.

Here are some space-saving tips for your kitchen makeover:

  1. Mirror magic. Mirrors are commonly used to make small spaces look bigger and more open. Add mirrored panels to open up your kitchen to other rooms in the house.
  2. Maximize height. No room? Think upward! Stack up your cabinets so they touch the ceiling so it looks like furniture.
  3. Lose the arms—of your chairs, that is. Choose dining chairs without arms so it’s easier to move around when space is limited.
  4. Contain kitchen clutter. Don’t overwhelm yourself with clutter in such a small space. Use trays or baskets to organize your kitchen tools, ingredients, etc. These containers are also useful for moving things around.
  5. Match your chairs and wall color. Having seats and walls in the same color creates unity in the room. Given the small space, you don’t want the eye to stutter when looking around.

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