Kuya Kim’s Basic Para Sure Tips

Kuya Kim’s Basic Para Sure Tips

In do-it-yourself home improvement projects, it pays to know what needs to be done and it definitely helps to be sure with the how-tos and processes. Working on your first DIY painting project? Here are 4 of Kuya Kim’s para sure tips that should be helpful.

1. Be Detailed in Planning Your Project!

Planning is the essential first step for any project. Now, it’s important to know that planning is more than identifying the problem and applying a solution. At the least, you have to define the following:

  • Issue or problem
  • Solution or action points
  • A design plan for home decorating and revamps
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Tools

It may take a chunk of your time, but trust that the more thought-out your plan, the bigger the chance of ending up with a flawless output.

2. Work on the Necessary Preparations

After you’ve created a solid plan, jump right into work by doing the necessary preparations. The usual preparations for a paint project include:

  • Gathering your tools

    • Paint applicator – brush or spray
    • Painter’s tape
    • Paint – primer and topcoat
    • Tarp cloths
    • Appropriate safety equipment, such as gloves or goggles
  • Clearing your workspace

    • Cover up or move out furniture you do not want to get paint on
    • Mind the details: Protect screw heads and hinges by applying Petroleum Jelly
    • Lay down tarp cloths on the floor of the surface you’ll be working on
    • Use painter’s tape to protect corners and the edges of the trim
  • Surface Preparation

    • Clean the surface you’ll be applying a fresh new coat on. Scrubbing and sanding your surface helps paint stick better to your substrate.
    • Fill in dents and small surface imperfections with compounds such as Super Kinis Skimcoat.

3. Careful Application Leads to a Smooth and Levelled Paint Job

>Now, to the fun part of actual painting; Apart from a vibrant new look, the goal is to have a smooth and leveled surface. If you’re using a roller brush, a basic technique would be the Zigzag method. In this technique, you cover portion by portion of your surface by painting a huge W and filling in the spaces with just one dipping of the brush.

Working with a good ol’ paintbrush? The key to keeping your work neat is by loading just the right amount of paint. When dipping your brush, plunge it down up to ¾ of the bristles, let the excess drip and give your brush 3 taps on the mouth of your can.


4. Care for Your Brushes and Excess Paint with Proper Cleaning and Storing

Cleaning and properly storing your tools shave off extra costs from your next paint project. Right after you’ve done painting, get to cleaning your brushes and packing your excess paint.

  • Soak your used brush in thinner until paint can be easily washed off.
  • Clean and wipe off paint from the mouth of your paint can. To make sure that your lid does not stick, put a plastic insert before closing your can off.


Plan your home improvement projects with us, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more Kuya Kim Tips!

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