How to Maximize the Minimalist Look

How to Maximize the Minimalist Look

The minimalist approach to decorating the interior spaces of a home has proven to be a timeless favorite. This is especially true for individuals who prefer comfort with a sense of order and control in their spaces. So how do you flawlessly pull off a minimalist look for your home? Will you need the help of a professional?

To maximize the minimalist look, it would greatly help to understand minimalism and the basics.

Balance, Proportion, Harmony

Think of a minimalist room. Do you see one that’s crowded with furniture, or one that’s bare and almost empty? The answer should be neither. The common misconception about minimalism is that a room has to have less items in it—‘Minimal’ being the keyword.

What needs to be cleared is that it’s not the absence of furniture and such that makes a room minimalist. Rather, it’s the presence of balance, proportion and harmony.

Proportion and harmony should be evident in the elements in your room. Does your coffee table complement your sofa? Do the colors of the pillows go with the color on the walls? Sometimes, these elements may not match but there has to be coordination or a system that threads or pieces these together.

Balance is when you take a step back, get a full view of the room and see that nothing is too big, too small or too dramatic. It is achieved when there appears to be order in every portion of the room.

Essential and Quality

Going minimalist in your design approach means stripping a room to what’s essential and of value. Avoid a cluttered and crowded dining room by nitpicking pieces and leaving only the table, chairs and counters. Leave, as well, that gorgeous table runner from a family friend.

Sophisticated Spectrum

Conjure an easy, sophisticated space with neutrals or nature’s palette. Simple spaces need not be bland with solid white or black or a neutral color. There’s room to play with colors, as long as balance, proportion and harmony are observed. The same goes for textures and patterns—both best kept in the details of your decor pieces.

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