4 Mistakes You Should Stop Making When Choosing Paint Colors

4 Mistakes You Should Stop Making When Choosing Paint Colors

Interior designers are artists and art really doesn’t always subscribe to rules. So basically, a lot of existing rules get broken when the decorating begins, even when it comes to color. But with a spectrum so wide, even experts and professionals can go wrong.

For these mistakes, basic rules should be taken note of. So whether you’re an expert or a do-it-yourself kind of person, here are four mistakes you should stop making when choosing paint colors:

Forgetting to consider your house as a whole

Giving each room in your house a different color is a good way to add variety. But forgetting to see the bigger picture and consider the house as a whole will only make your home look unorganized. So even if you have different colors going for every room in your house, make sure the tones transition well from one room to the next.

Selecting your paint color first

When you pick a paint color, make sure it’s the last thing you do. Picking a paint color first will make it hard for you to match your existing furniture and decorative pieces into the totality of the room’s design. It would be a better idea to take a good look at the pieces you will be equipping your room with, and then come up with a color palette.

Living Room

Ignoring what’s “in”

Even if you consider yourself as a non-conformist and would like to develop your own style for your house, it’s still a good idea to look at trends to get some inspiration. For instance, bright colors have been a popular choice for many houses. And recently a fresher palette started to get some buzz. These days the trend is going towards the moodier, softer, more neutral color palettes.

Picking an overly saturated color

Giving your walls a coat of paint with vibrant colors may seem like a fun idea at first but as with every decision, it has to be well thought out first. For instance, if your furniture and other decorative pieces are already decked out with loud colors, your walls should have a more neutral palette. Inversely, if you want walls that scream bright colors, your furniture should be wrapped in whites and neutral tones.

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