More than Surface Deep: Color Retention Tips

More than Surface Deep: Color Retention Tips

Imagine spending endless hours choosing your favorite paint shade (or even custom-making your own!), only to find out that it has faded. The paint you chose probably did not have very good color retention. Color retention is a paint’s ability to retain its original hue or shade despite other factors affecting it. How can you ensure that you’ll still have the same paint color you picked when you were first painting your walls for the next couple of years? Island Premium Paints has some Para Sure tips to make sure your favorite color stays on your walls!

Paint Color Retention Tips

No need to repaint your walls ever so often! Keep the color you want with these easy home care tips:

  • Survey the Surface: Before applying your paint of choice, check the surface you are about to paint. Always remember to clean your surfaces from any kind of dirt, so the paint can easily stick to the surface!
  • Prime Before Painting: The paint you use gets absorbed into the surface you are painting it on, which is why different surfaces require different kinds of paint. For any kind of surface, it is best to use a primer before applying your paint color of choice. A primer or undercoat is a layer of paint (usually in neutral shades like white or gray) that prepares the surface to receive additional paint layers. Aside from helping prevent premature color fading, this also makes paint application easier.
  • Check Your Paint: Interior and exterior quality paint have different formulas that make them more suited for a particular surface. Maybe the reason that the paint colors are now only a shadow of its former glory is because you used an interior paint for exterior surfaces. Make sure that you are using the correct paint, and that your surfaces are fully protected by the paint you use.

Getting high-quality paint helps lessen the worry that the colors you picked would fade fast. Get high-performance paint like Prima by Island Premium Paints! Being a water-based paint with the benefits of acrylic paint, it offers tough resistance against regular wear-and-tear such as cracks and peeling paint. The premium quality raw materials in Prima’s formulation ensures excellent adhesion for less paint touch-ups, good alkali resistance to prevent paint colors from fading, and outstanding color retention. Truly what you’d expect from Island Premium Paints, the only paint brand with Product Satisfaction Guarantee.

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