Kitchen Paint Colors for the Coming Year

Kitchen Paint Colors for the Coming Year

Repainting one’s home is an occasion that does not occur as often as, say, repainting furniture or other things. However, maybe it’s time to do some redecoration and consider different kitchen paint colors. For most, nothing is more important than the kitchen. Maybe you’ve had the same old kitchen paint colors for the past five years. Do your kitchen a favor by repainting it. Think of it as an investment even after 2016 has passed. Now, can you imagine having a brand new kitchen color to welcome your hungry stomachs every day? It’s an exciting thought!

Here are some awesome Kitchen Paint Colors for 2016 and beyond.

  1. Off-white
    Off-white has been getting more attention with today’s society. There is something about mixing in cleanliness and desaturation that makes interior design impressive. Pair it up with warm and quiet hues and you get a nice kitchen interior. Also, you can add grey, Chalk White, or Powder Talc in your kitchen paint colors arsenal to get more depth and difference in color combinations.


  1. Turquoise Blue
    The Turquoise Blue takes your kitchen to the beach with its bursting ocean vibes. Add some white furniture and you’ll welcome the feeling of cool waters in your kitchen’s environment in no time. With the playful color of blue, cooking awesome seafood in the kitchen has never sounded so exciting! Add extra hues like light brown or off-white to get a balanced and calm look.


  1. Black
    Mysterious and brooding, the color black has solidity and heft, and is a force to reckon with. When you welcome a kitchen with so much black, it comes off as something very dramatic. You can paint all the cabinetry black in order to emphasize how powerful the combination can be when incorporated with the stainless steel appliances, copper tiles backsplash, and silver glass pendants.


  1. Brown
    Wood is a great background in your kitchen. It adds a very olden look with a mix of modernity. Play around with the hues by adding different types of brown like Mid Amber or Solidago. Mix in the hues with wooden furniture and you’d get a very homey kitchen without the hassle of loud and distracting colors.

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