Paint Your Ceilings Like A Pro

Paint Your Ceilings Like A Pro

Painting your ceiling can seem overwhelming, but it’s a task you can easily do without making a huge mess.

When we do home painting projects, we tend to neglect work on the ceiling in favor of painting the walls or doing work on the floors. But a good paint job on your ceiling can really make a big difference in a room’s look and feel. Doing your ceiling in a bright color, for example, can really add excitement and drama to a room.

Here’s how to paint your “fifth wall” like a pro:

  1. Get the right tools.

To paint your ceiling, you will need the following tools:

  • a 9-inch paint roller frame with cover and extension handle
  • extra all-purpose polyester paint rollers
  • interior wall paint
  • a plastic drop cloth
  • a canvas drop cloth
  • a metal roller tray
  • a ladder
  • painter’s tape
  • a utility knife
  • a paint can opener
  • a stir stick
  • a natural bristle paintbrush
  1. Prepare the room.

Like any other major painting project, remove all furniture from the room if possible. Use your plastic/canvas drop cloth to protect your floors and any furniture you have left in the room. Use painter’s tape to mask around trim and the part of the wall where it meets the ceiling.

  1. Prime the ceiling.

It’s highly recommended that you prime your ceiling to make sure that the paint adheres well to the surface.

  1. Paint a Cut-In Line.

A cut-in line is a 2-3 inch strip where the ceiling meets the wall. Start in the corner of the ceiling and paint using a paintbrush.

  1. Paint the ceiling.

Start with one corner near the wall’s edge, then work your way around the room. Push the handle straight up and use the other hand as a guide. Once the paint dries, you may want to apply another coat, starting with your cut-in line and finishing with your roller.

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