Painting Monochromatic Wall Colors

Painting Monochromatic Wall Colors

Especially when you know what you’re doing, decorating with a single color can result in stunning results. For your inspiration, check out these samples and some para sure tips for pulling off monochromatic wall colors.

Monochromatic & Basic Color Terms

‘Monochromatic’ literally means one color in decorating. A monochromatic color scheme means using the same hue throughout the elements in a room. That includes wall paint color, the floor, furniture, down to the decor pieces.

In addition to monochromatic, understanding these color terms should be beneficial to your color scheme planning.

  • Color or Hue is the quality of an object with light reflected on its surface.
  • The value of a color means the lightness or darkness of a hue.
  • Tint is a lightened variation of a color after white has been added.
  • Shade is the opposite of tint; a darker variation of a color after black has been added.
  • Tone is when gray has been added.


Para Sure Tips for Monochromatic Wall Colors

The usual question when trying to pull off a monochromatic wall color is: how do you strike a balance? How do you keep your main color from overwhelming your space? Here are a few pointers.

·       Experiment with the color’s tones, shades, and tints. This should also add depth to your space, and keeps your monochromatic wall colors from becoming monotonous.

·       Complete your monochromatic color scheme with texture. Consider adding different elements such as throw pillows, rugs, and curtains.

·       Break your color’s intensity with neutrals as accents.

Sample Monochromatic Color Schemes for the Home

Black + White

Sample Monochromatic Color Schemes for the Home

Monochromatic palettes don’t get any more simple or classy than black and white. The high-contrast combination is sophisticated and dramatic. The beauty of a black-and-white combo is that any accent works with it. Warm it up with bronze or cool it down with silver—it’s your choice.

Island Premium Paints Colors: Wrought Iron + Chinchilla + Dusty White


Blue + White

Sample Monochromatic Color Schemes for the Home

A trend currently gaining fame is the usage of blue in place of black. In this blue and white pairing, white is strategically planned on surfaces that’ll catch natural light. Pops of beige would be your neutral for breaking the other chilly monochromatic.

Island Premium Paints Colors: Lavender Web + Gypsy Blue + Zaffre


Beige + Grays + Gold UndertoneS

Sample Monochromatic Color Schemes for the Home

Cozy, comforting – the familiar layers of beige and grays with undertones of gold spell out home. Again, your neutral in this palette is not the usual white, black or gray, but blue-green.

Island Premium Paints Colors: Earth + Fissile + Naples Yellow


Explore more color options, and plan your home improvement projects with para sure tips from Island Paints!

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