Painting With Bold Colors

Painting With Bold Colors

Planning on giving a room in your house a new look? Painting your room with plain and bland colors are out. It’s time to be a little bit more adventurous by taking a risk of choosing stronger and bolder colors for your house.

Whether you’re painting your whole room with a bold color or just creating an accent wall, here are a few tips and tricks that you can definitely use when painting with strong, bold colors:

Go Full Color with Deep Red

Painting your walls with deep red goes well beyond just adding personality to your room. It almost magically creates an ambiance of classic elegance that you see in movies set in the 1800s. They provide a warm and energetic welcome for your guests and can also be a great color for practically any room!

Darker Colors for Smaller Rooms

Strong, dark to medium colors can actually make your room look larger than it is. Aside from providing the illusion of space, dark rooms can create a dramatic, intimate and striking flair as well as a deep sense of comfort.


Try Your Color Options

Before deciding on a particular color, have your walls “try them on” first almost like the way you try on clothes. Ditch the small color chips and paint your desired color on a white illustration board and place it on your wall to see if it will work. This way, you’ll have a better idea of how your walls will look like once painted.

Choosing the Right Color

If your room is already set up with furniture and decor, turn on your eye for detail and look for unifying bold colors in your decorative pieces and decide which one will look the best. This will create a fluid coherence that will unify your whole interior design.

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