To Paint or Not to Paint During the Rainy Season

To Paint or Not to Paint During the Rainy Season

Should you paint during the rainy season? Some say no, while others say it’s okay. Why shouldn’t you paint during rainy days, anyway? Well, consider these few facts, para sure.

Ideas about Painting Season

Fact: it’s not always ideal to schedule and paint in the summer. Another fact: painting season is not tied to the yearly seasons we are all familiar with. Rather, it is determined by climactic conditions such as moisture and temperature. And in the rainy season, these two factors are erratic, unpredictable and usually in levels that affect paint’s performance.

When it’s too hot (or in direct contact with the sun’s rays in the summer), paint tends to chalk and lose its color faster than normal. When your surface is wet or there’s moisture in the air, that moisture prevents paint from completely adhering to your surface. This would later wreak havoc, allowing for air and water to seep in, and create cracks and peels.

Painting Interiors and Exteriors during the Rainy Season

As long as you’re 100% sure that your surface and space is dry, painting interiors during the rainy season shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Painting exterior spaces and surfaces, on the other hand, is a different story.

Before planning on painting on an exterior space, consider these factors:

  • Is it visibly wet? The smallest drops of water, count. Check other parts of your surface, as well. This would include corners, trim & molding, cracks in the siding and nail holes.
  • If your surface currently isn’t, when was the last time that it was? Your surface may not be wet now, but it may still have moisture in it. Remember that an exterior wall that has been rained on needs at least 4 hours in direct sunlight to dry up and be ready for painting. Para sure: wait a full work day for the surface to completely dry.
  • Make sure that the temperature is just right for your paint to dry in ideal time. Check your paint’s label for a recommended drying temperature.

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