3 Spring-inspired Wall Colors for Your Home

3 Spring-inspired Wall Colors for Your Home

We may not have Spring here in the Philippines, but hey, who’s stopping you from decorating using florals and the pastel beauty of the foreign season? Let these spring-inspired wall colors from Island Premium Paints help you.

Spring as Wall Colors in a Filipino Home

A season of long sunny days when most of nature is abloom, spring is often described as a season of new beginnings. As a design inspiration, it is bright, warm, inviting and refreshing.

While spring is not a season here in the Philippines, it can and would easily fit any Filipino home as a decorative theme. Pull off a spring-inspired look with these wall colors from Island Premium Paints’ catalog of color combinations.

Mantis Green + Chalk White

Spring Wall Colors - Mantis Green + Chalk White

Talk about nature, the first color that pops into the mind is green. A strong white such as Chalk White brings out the yellow undertones in Island Premium Paints’ Mantis Green. Keep the strong contrast and limit the use of creams and beiges as these tend to make green seem a little muddy. What results is a clean and saturated combination that not only captures spring, but also fits for the rest of the season.

Para Sure tip: natural light helps perfect the spring ambiance you’re after. So allow more light to spill into your space with thin curtains.


Maize + Vapor + Nadorite

Spring Wall Colors - MAIZE + VAPOR + NADORITE

Go for a warm route with a powdery yellow such as Maize. Spring is a transition from cold to warm seasons, after all. Balance with neutrals like Vapor and Nadorite and wood elements and you’re good!

Beau + Carnation + Dolphin + Dusty


Ice cream colors are hip and trendy; they bring out the colorful vibe of the spring season. Island Paints’ minty Beau with Carnation, Dolphin and Dusty White are your perfect palette for an IG corner in your home.

Para Sure tip: amp up the playful vibe of these wall colors with patterns and prints.


Read more about paints and plan your home improvement projects with para sure tips from Island Paints!

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