Make the Most Out of Your Studio Apartment

Make the Most Out of Your Studio Apartment

When you’re living in a big and densely populated city like Manila or Quezon City, especially in business hubs, the price range for rent can be quite expensive, and the space will most probably be small. Moving out of your family home can already be quite a daunting experience, but moving into a boring studio apartment which has probably been lived in by a number of other people can be even more horrifying.

But because you’ll be living alone, you will have to make your studio apartment fit for living. Here’s how you can decorate your studio apartment and actually make it your own personal space.

Create different heights and separate levels in your space

Adding a variety of heights and levels in your studio apartment will create the illusion that there are separate rooms. For instance, try elevating the “bedroom” area to make it seem like there’s a separate space for your bedroom. Plus, consider that when elevating the floor, you’ll be left with hollow spaces underneath. Here’s a good idea, create storage spaces under the heightened floors!

Mount shelves on your wall for additional storage spaces

With just a few square feet to work on, it’s going to be hard to store all of your stuff. One great way to store some random knickknacks is by displaying some of them on floating wall shelves. Not only will your room have additional storage space, but it can also serve as a display shelf for some of your decorative pieces.

Give your studio apartment a pop of color

Instead of giving your studio apartment a brand new paint job, go for small pops of color in some carefully chosen furniture or decorative pieces. Better yet, if you really want to paint your apartment over, just create an accent wall to save time, money, and effort. Plus, it will look even more stylish than painting all the walls in your studio.

Buy a bed that also serves storage purposes

While piling books at the corner of your apartment (due to lack of storage space) may seem like a charming idea, what will you do about all your extra clothes or those stacks of paper lying around? Getting a bed that can double as storage can solve all these problems.

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