15 Inspiring Quotes from Successful Designers

15 Inspiring Quotes from Successful Designers

If you want to become a professional interior designer, or simply decorate your home with the skill of an expert, you will need more than just good advice. It may look easy at first but house decorating, aside from a technical skill set, requires heart and inspiration.

So to inspire and motivate you to finally accomplish those projects you’ve been waiting to do, we’ve rounded up 15 inspiring quotes from successful designers:

“Life in the 21st century means taking the best of history and making it work for you.” – Miles Redd

“Decorating is a footnote to real life for me, a means to an end: Living well.” – Charlotte Moss

“I like to pull weeds and trim olive trees. I need a garden for my soul.” – Chris Barrett

“Always have good reading lights in every room and put everything on a dimmer.” – Shawn Henderson

“Less is more. Texture is essential as well as scale.” – Trip Haenisch

“The best decisions are always made at the last minute. Just know what the last minute is.” – Holly Hunt

“Have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

“Color is the least expensive thing to put in a house, so we used a lot of that. It’s a life injection!” – Ruthie Sommers

“Measuring and laying out the room in advance can save you a lot of headaches.” – David Bromstad

“We don’t believe in moving to a new place and replicating the one you left behind. Where’s the fun in that?” – Andrew Fisher

“When you’re criticized for something, it’s best to wait two or three years and see.” – Gae Aulenti

“I don’t know why people persist in mixing drinks in the kitchen. Nothing shouts ‘welcome’ like a drinks table right out in the open.” – Jeffrey Bilhuber

“If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.” – Bunny Williams

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” – Juan Montoya

“Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration.” – Kathryn M. Ireland


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