Cool Color Themes to Complement the Summer Heat

Cool Color Themes to Complement the Summer Heat

Time to destress by repainting your interiors with cool color themes this summer! Even though summer is a time for rest and relaxation, the intense heat of the season—especially if you’re in a tropical country—can really be stressful to the body. To complement the intense summer heat, adding cool color tones to your home can be the right thing to do. Repainting during summer is fun because it’s one of the best seasons when you’re decluttering or renewing things.

For a relaxing atmosphere in your household, take time to look for cooler hues. Play around with tones and choose which can be best to partner your interior space. Also, with cool and calming colors, it can lessen the stress and anxiety of one’s daily activities. They can also make a space more expansive, giving a chill vibe.

Here are some cool color themes for the Summer!

  1. Light Green

Light green is a symbol of relaxation. The lightest of greens has the mottled, fading light of a summer afternoon. It allows you to be quiet. Its stillness can make the most calming of ambiances and can easily de-stress a person. With light green, you are symbolically transported to a tropical island, enjoying the cool breeze and abundance of shade from the coconut trees.


  1. Purple

Nothing beats royal colors. Aside from being regal and classy, purple is one of those colors that give off a very relaxing vibe. One of the best advantages of using purple is that it can range from light purple to dark purple, and the same cool and relaxing effect will still ensure in one’s interior.


  1. Blue

Blue is one of the best colors to use when it comes to relaxation and serenity. You can add some color tones like grey but make sure that it doesn’t turn the place too dark and blank. Turn to light blue colors or pastels and you’ll definitely have a cool summer.


  1. Lavender

A muted and neutral lavender wall color is a sophisticated option in one’s home interior. However, if you use the proper combination of adding soft greys and blacks, Lavender is one of the best colors when it comes to an unwinding vibe.  Purple hues are noted to be stress-reducing, so Lavender is sure to radiate a calming aura. It’s definitely a chilly hue, so you can also complement it with warm wood floors or bright colored furniture.

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