The Big Why Behind Waterproofing Concrete

The Big Why Behind Waterproofing Concrete

Waterproofing with waterproof paint for concrete is a critical step in securing a structure but it is often neglected. Most of the time it is treated as an optional step but avoiding it may not just make your home look unattractive, but it can also raise several issues that can be a pain to deal with.


Why should you waterproof concrete?

When waterproofing concrete, masonry, and other cement-based materials, you prolong the life and durability of your home or whatever structure you’re working on. Whether you are preserving a concrete floor, poured concrete walls, or a cinder block wall, keeping water out of concrete really helps with its longevity. 

If you have masonry, concrete or block walls, it is required by law and building code to waterproof these structures. Depending on the area, a high water table, flood-prone building area or high rain levels dictate can dictate these types of waterproofing codes. For high-rise buildings, all substructures have to be waterproofed because they are load-bearing walls for incredibly heavy complexes where material breakdown is unacceptable.

The main reason why you should waterproof simply because water breaks concrete down. On the outside, it starts to look bad, but not only that, the structure also gets weaker from the inside. The concrete erodes, exposing base concrete and matrix materials. If you see surface damage on concrete, the underlying structure may be damaged too.

So if you want a concrete project to last and maintain its strength, it’s a must to waterproof it. Waterproofing concrete also means you are protecting the re-bar inside it from eroding and rusting.

Other advantages of waterproofing concrete include:

  1. Preventing mold and mildew from getting into the walls and floor. 
  2. Reducing maintenance cost and clean-up. If the structure is waterproof, you have work cut out for you during clean up post-flood or rainstorm. Basic maintenance is also easier.
  3. Increases property values. Should the time come, a waterproof basement or sub-floor would make a good selling point.


Elastomer Paint: Waterproof Paint for Concrete

For waterproofing needs, the best go-to paint product would be Elastomer Paint. Elastomer Paint is your home improvement’s best buddy when it comes to being waterproof. Not only is it effective long term, but it is also flexible when it comes to painting designs because of the various color choices available.

Island Paints Star Elastomer is a decorative self-priming coating that is highly recommended for interior and exterior surfaces. Aside from its elongation properties, its high tensile strength can exhibit good crack-bridging properties. It’s good for Concrete walls, roof tiles, bricks, and galvanized iron surfaces. 

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