7 Unconventional Colors that Work in Your House

7 Unconventional Colors that Work in Your House

We all reach a point in adult life when everything becomes routine and uniform. And coming home to the same dull feel of a house definitely does not help. Well, here’s a hack that you can do with your living spaces: add life by introducing unconventional paint colors!

Feed your thirst for something out of the ordinary with these bold, brave unconventional paint colors for the home.


Yellow is all about being vibrant, energetic and waking up on the right side of the bed. Its clarity makes it appear modern with an edge. Best for the study, dining room or garden wall, the color yellow welcomes all sorts of crazy and makes for a great backdrop for an upholstered sofa, and mismatched tables.

Just make sure you throw in balance with safe neutrals gray or taupe.


Blue can be bold and brilliant. Gone are the days when blue represented the chill and laid back. Cerulean blue, for one, has a depth that would give character and define any room as confident.


Now, unconventional paint colors for the home need not be loud. Options such as Lilac are alternatives to the usual off-white and beige, as well as today’s approach to introducing a safe and reassuring vibe to a room.

Lilac is a whisper of a color; a light and airy tone under purple that gives off a balanced sense of modern and old-fashioned. Best room to use lilac in? Try the bathroom or your bedroom.


“Terracotta” actually means “fired earth”. It’s a family of colors within the range of pink to toasty orange that perfectly serves you that classy, sexy Mediterranean feel you’ve always wanted for the busiest room in the house.

Earthy, offbeat and unexpected, Terra-Cotta intensifies further in shimmery high gloss.


Say goodbye to white, off-white, beige and everything in between. Gray is THE neutral for clear contrasts and today’s palettes. It mixes in well with both warm and cool colors such as spring green and fuschia pink.


Timeless, black is a step bolder than gray. Black keeps its premium feel, glows in sunlit spaces and perfectly highlights jewel tones and whites.


Think of the madness of the Joker and the lush, indulgent color of red. Everything about this color combo is plush and elegant. Throw in textures of velvet and silk, and you’re in for a royal treat!

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