Natura Wood Filler: Versatility in Wood Fillers

Natura Wood Filler: Versatility in Wood Fillers

There comes a day in the life of the average homeowner when they’re tasked with dealing with an old or broken fixture. And in this age when recycling, repurposing, and revamping has become a popular, practical and a fun activity, you are more likely to mend and give new life to that old, broken chair rather than to throw or give it away.

But, as with anything in home improvement and DIY projects, you need to work with the right tools and equipment to get whatever goal or objective it is you are trying to achieve. In the case of tackling wood, you have wood paints, wood stains, and wood fillers, among others.

Wood fillers, also known as wood putty or grain filler, are exactly what its name suggests: a substance for filling holes, dents, and damages on wood. The regular wood filler is a mixture of wood dust, binder, thinner, and sometimes have pigments for color. And the very quality to look for in wood fillers is versatility. Island Paints’ Natura Wood Filler is guaranteed to deliver just that with the following variety of uses.


As mentioned earlier, the primary or main purpose of wood fillers is for filling up holes and cracks on wood surfaces. With a paste of the right consistency such as that of Natura Wood Filler, you can expect fully filled up dents and damages on wood.


A wooden deck or wooden floorboards will always look classy and welcoming in any home. Natura Wood Filler should come in handy in filling up gaps and holes that may develop over time.


Especially for surface parts versus load-bearing portions, Natura Wood Filler should provide a flat and leveled surface. When it comes to damages on load-bearing parts such as the legs of a chair, best to use wood hardener rather than wood filler alone.

Wood fillers like Natura Wood Filler should be easy to use and apply. But, especially if you’re a first time user, better to do a few test runs just for you to get the feel of it, and that you’d be able to handle the substance better on the actual application.


Learn more about Island Paints’ Natura Wood Filler or have us assist you on more specific home improvement concerns.

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